Check Out Our Newest Piece from Gray Malin

April 20, 2017

Since the first day we discovered Gray Malin we have been such fans. Owning a piece of his work was always a dream of ours so when the opportunity arose to update our apartments with work we had admired for years we couldn’t wait! Now came the hard part- deciding on what pieces were our favorite and what fit best in our spaces. Since we were fans of pretty much every photo we went with what our spaces needed most.

Mariel’s space needed color. Her neutral white palate was craving a bright and bold pop of color! The perfect fit for that is a brand new piece that was released this week a photo from St. Barths called The Wave. The bright blue in the image brings the other blues in the room to life.

When picking a piece for the dining room we went for something a little more classic. The geometric beach aerial from Italy complimented the space perfectly. The blue umbrellas give the dining room the subtle pop of color it needed.

These are the types of pieces we will have for the rest of our lives. They are so versatile and timeless. Something we look forward to admiring every single day!



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